Monday, October 23, 2023

AZ Recollections & Reflections book enjoyed by AZ teachers

 "Teachers all over Arizona appreciate you!! Many thanks to the for the book donations to the 'Back to School' conference," AHS education director Dr. Kristen Rex writes.

The conference hosted by GeoCivics offered much for teachers including gifts of "AZ Recollections and Reflections". The Historical League’s Centennial book tells stories of Arizona in first person accounts (from the AZ Historymakers). It continues to be a go-to source for teachers.

2023 Historymakers Exhibit opens at AZHC by Caroline Yu Independent Newsmedia

 2023 Historymakers™ exhibit opens at Arizona Heritage Center

By Caroline Yu�Mail | X: @AzNewsmedia
The Historical League opened its 2023 Arizona Historymakers exhibit Oct. 14 at the Arizona Heritage Center at Papago Park, honoring the latest Historymakers and celebrating their legacy to the state.
Since 1992 the Historical League has recognized more than 80 men and women who have “distinguished themselves with noted achievements in such diverse areas… and who have maintained their ties to Arizona,” according to its website.
At the exhibit’s official ribbon cutting, Chair of the Historymakers Committee Diana Smith and Arizona Historical Society’s Executive Director David Breeckner gave some brief words about this year’s Historymakers before a more in-depth program led by journalist Carey Pena about their contributions to the state.
“It has been our honor as the Historical League to spend the last year getting to know them and getting to be with them and understand their story,” Smith said.
The league works with the Arizona Historical Society to bring about the Historymakers exhibit each year, but the Historymakers recognition program also helps raise funds for Arizona Heritage Center education efforts and programs and supports Arizona students and teachers participating in National History Day.
Breekner said the program recognizes more than just “abstract facts written on a page,” but that it highlights what has shaped the world today and the ones who have inspired Arizonans with their work.
“Every single individual in this case here — and all of the Historymakers we’ve recognized, celebrated in the past — is one that has made our Arizona, this special state, an incredible reputation,” Breekner said.
Historymakers are not honored just for their past accomplishments but for their lasting legacy and the meaningful work that they continue to do in their respective fields while representing Arizona.

Dr. Michael Crow 2023 Arizona Historymaker

 The son of an enlisted Navy man, Michael Crow lost his mother at age 9, and subsequently attended 18 schools before attending college at Iowa State University. Inspired by his own education journey and an experience he had while completing his Eagle Scout service project, Dr. Crow became interested in the design of learning and research enterprises. Honored as 2023 Arizona Historymaker™ Oct 14, he accepted via video from a conference in Australia. The 16th president of Arizona State University, he has spearheaded ASU's rapid and significant transformation into one of the world's best public research universities.

Dolan Ellis 2023 Arizona Historymaker

 Music runs through every fiber of Dolan’s life. As Arizona’s Official Troubadour Dolan Ellis has traveled in his jeep to every corner of the state documenting its stories and legends. They become inspirations for his songs. Honored as 2023 Arizona Historymaker, he continues to share his love of Arizona culture and history with his many fans world-wide.

with wife Merilee Davito and emcee Carey Pena