Saturday, April 30, 2016

Navajo Nation trip with Historical League

Put this on your "Bucket List". It was an amazing trip through beautiful and rugged country with the Historical League. The bus trip was sold out with 40 ladies going to Monument Valley. The blue sky and vistas were awesome.
We were prepped on the bus with the John Wayne movie Stagecoach.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Recognition Luncheon committee enthusiastic about the May 3 Wrigley Mansion event

Guest speaker Barbara Barrett
Co-chair, Barb Ehrhard, and her committee are enthusiastic about this day. "This is truly a BIG event.  We have a fabulous and distinguished speaker -- Ambassador Barbara Barrett, who is a Historical League member, Historymaker, aviation attorney, diplomat, rancher, chairman of the Aerospace Corporation, backup space flight participant to International Space Station, first civilian woman to land an FA-18 Hornet on an aircraft carrier, member of several boards including Smithsonian, Sally Ride Science, and O'Conner Institute, and owner of the Triple Creek Ranch in Montana, which Travel+Leisure recognized as one of the best hotels in the world. We will have two sets of free tours of the Mansion, raffle prizes, and of course, our Annual Meeting and Recognition of Volunteers this past year.  Thus, we needed a large committee so that no one person felt overwhelmed with any tasks.  Plus, what a great way to get to know each other better and have fun!

This event would be the perfect time to bring family and friends to appreciate the history of the Wrigley Mansion, the novelty of Kentucky Derby hats and the wonderful and rare opportunity to enjoy one of our own Historymakers speak. We hope you can come."
For reservations, please contact Rebecca Stone or
Some of the committee members: Nina Filippi, Pat Phee, Barb Ehrhard, Renee Donnelly, Pam den Draak

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Recognition Luncheon planning parties

Working on a Historical League committee is not all work as these ladies show us in planning the Volunteer Recognition Luncheon.
Pam den Draak is showing off her culinary /cake decorating skills.  Pam made this cake from scratch and decorated it using the Kentucky Derby theme for our upcoming Annual Meeting and Volunteer Recognition Luncheon. The event will be at the Wrigley Mansion on May 3rd.

Nina Filippi (Publicity and Raffle), Pat Phee (Co-Chair and
Decorations), Barb Ehrhard (Co-Chair and Invitations), Renee Donnelly (Venue
and Guest Speaker), and Pam den Draak (Decorations).
Other members of the committee who were not pictured include: Jeannine Moyle (Finance and AM Tour of Wrigley Mansion), Karen Swanson (Raffle and PM Tour of Wrigley Mansion), and Rebecca Stone (Reservations and Decorations).

RSVP $50

Monday, April 25, 2016

Shumard's win Silent Auction Dining basket at David Wright House

Cathy and Tom Shumard were happy to take home this basket from the Silent Auction at Evening Under the Stars at the David Wright House.
Thanks to these restaurants for generously donating gift cards to the event to raise funds for National History Day

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kentucky Derby hats for Recognition Luncheon

With a theme of Kentucky Derby hats for the Annual Meeting and Recognition Luncheon, which style will be worn? Mariamne Moore has had a vintage clothing business for years and offered several hats for League members to borrow for the event. The more feathers, flowers, ribbons and fluff on the hat, the better.  Having the luncheon at the historic Wrigley Mansion will make the hats even more appreciated. RSVP $50
So many to choose from . . .



Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fabulous Centerpieces for Evening Under the Stars at David Wright House

We have so many people to thank for a successful fundraising event April 9 at the David Wright House. Most important is the sponsor - the David Wright House. They were most generous in helping us have a wonderful Evening Under the Stars and support National History Day

The centerpieces were beautiful, part of a contest and created by our own Historical League ladies. A special thank you to Linda Corderman, Nina Filippi, Sandra Loeffler, Mary McMahon, Mariamne Moore, Cathy Shumard, Karen Swanson, Cindy Tidwell-Shelton, Zona Lorig, Margaret Baker, Meg Knopf, Patricia Eastwood and Pam den Draak for designing such beautiful and creative displays. With instructions to have something celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright history, Arizona or the Historical League, they showed some amazing talent. Winners won either a restaurant gift card or $100 Soleri bell customized for the Historical League.

Wish we had photos of all the centerpieces but here are a few.

Tied for first place, Cindy Tidwell-Shelton's design
Tied for first place, Linda Corderman's design

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Historymaker Barbara Barrett to speak at Annual Recognition Luncheon May 3

Barbara Barrett’s career has featured several “firsts.” She was appointed by President Reagan to be the first woman deputy director of the Federal Aviation Administration. She was also the first Republican woman to run for Governor of Arizona and the first civilian woman to land an F/A-18 Hornet on an aircraft carrier.
Barbara has been chairman of the Aerospace Corporation, member of the boards of California Institute of Technology, Sally Ride Science, RAND Corporation, Smithsonian Institution, Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans and Lasker Foundation. She and her husband Craig own Triple Creek Ranch in Montana, named by Travel + Leisure as the best hotel in the world for 2014.
She reflected back to her time studying at ASU, "During an internship at the Arizona State Legislature, I drafted transportation legislation and met community leaders. “I had the privilege of working with such superstars as Sandra Day O’Connor, Bill Jacquin, Jim McNulty, Burt Barr and Stan Akers. They were a line-up of wonderful leaders and role models who helped set a course for me of community involvement, as well as political involvement.”

Join us for this event. $50 includes lunch and tour of Wrigley Mansion. RSVP at

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Wrigley Mansion tours at Recognition Luncheon

A remarkable historic home in the heart of Phoenix is the setting for our Annual Meeting and Recognition Luncheon and we can tour it at the May 3 event.  Built in 1930 by P.K. Wrigley, this home has been preserved throughout the decades. Every tour brings a new piece of history to light. Join us for lunch and tour. $50.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

More Photos from Evening Under the Stars at the David Wright House April 9

Jill Hicks with David Wright's granddaughter

Larry and Margaret Baker, Barry and Margo Johns

Dan and Katherine Thornhill

Phil and Ruth Ann Hogan
Elaine Kapach, Alec McDonald, Cindy Nahrgang

Patti Goss

Heading for registration area
Architect Barry Johns