Monday, April 20, 2015

White Sands National Monument on NM tour

Soft white sand is cool as we climb
to the top of a ridge
Shoes left behind as we
hike the sand dunes
Definitely a highlight of the trip to NM was this AMAZING monument. The mineral gypsum is rarely found as sand because it is soluble in water. Water with the gypsum is trapped in the Tularosa Basin. The water evaporates on the playa floor causing gypsum to be deposited in crystalline form as selenite. These crystals eventually break down to sand-size particles creating this vast sea of pure white sand.
Note the blowing sand in the background.
The dunes are constantly shifting.

View from the bottom after an exhilarating
time rolling down the dune. Note Linda Fritsch on
far right ready to slide down.

White sand as far as the eye can see
Photo opportunities abound