Saturday, October 4, 2008

FRP Cookbook University

Recently two League members, Ruth McLeod and Kay Holcombe, attended FRP Cookbook University. They met the president of FRP and what follows is from an email he sent to Ruth, complimenting Tastes & Treasures:

Ruth and Kay,

It was certainly a pleasure to meet both of you. When I originally reviewed a copy of Tastes & Treasures as it came off press I said, "These ladies understand the meaning of a community cookbook." Most people we deal with misunderstand the relevance of associating historical information through the subject of food. Tastes & Treasures is the best example of a true "community" cookbook that I have been associated with since the inception of the current Favorite Recipes Press model.

Your book is truly wonderful and it is THE sample reference I use 100% of the time to illustrate what the content of a "community" cookbook should be.

Thank you again for sharing in our Cookbook University experience; I hope you found the investment of your time worthwhile. Please say hello to my friends Gaye and Donna and keep me posted on your numerous success stories if marketing and selling Tastes & Treasures.
Dave Kempf
FRP Books, Inc.