Saturday, October 15, 2022

Tour of Cattle Track Art Compound

The educational and artistic tour of Cattle Track Art Compound on October 13 was one of many "Behind the Scenes" experiences that League members enjoy.

Organizer Lynn Wood talked about one of the artist, "Brent Bond, Visual artist, furniture maker, Master Printer and proprietor of Santo Press gave a demonstration to the League members of his artwork, printer, and other aspects of his talents."
artist Brent Bond

Lynn and Mike Wood
Jan Murray, Karolee Hess, Pat Grogg, Mary McMahon, Clede Gorrell,
Sharon Guastella, Susan Howard

Dr. Josie Pete and Carolyn Mendoza

Delores Tomasek and Carolyn Mendoza

Delores Tomasek

Davie Garrison

Pat Grogg and Mary McMahon

A special feature during the tour was a presentation by Bob Boze Bell. Tour organizer Lynn Wood reports, “He was there being filmed for about 1/2 hour while giving his presentation to us.  He dedicates time with Brent Bond and Mark McDowell, also a visual artist of Cattle Track on the project." The Cascading Collage Concept of Women of the West.

League President Chris Hackett visits with Janie Ellis on the Cattle Track tour. “Janie is the owner and conservator of the Cattle Track Arts Compound. She lives in the home her parents, George and Rachael, built out of "redwood staves that were salvaged from a water pipeline." She is extremely talented in her own right. She gave a presentation, including early photographs, and she did show us around the premises, which is home to a number of artists, including photographers, printers, painters, ceramists and architects. Here’s a great article from Phoenix Home and Garden to you for background information on this fascinating place.”  

Jan Murray enjoys this photo of the Chapel at Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and the carved doors.
Janie Ellis explained, "The Doors we salvaged. Someone bought them and was going to take them to the dump because they had termites in the bottom. We killed the termites and put them up there. Probably 16th century from Mexico. Many layers of gold leaf and paint."