Sunday, January 11, 2009

Children's Holiday Party with a 2 Year Old

It was my first CHP experience and what a terrific event. My daughter and I had debated whether or not her energetic, "independent" two-year old would behave. From her visit with Santa to the children's play area to the variety of hands-on crafts, Kathryn never got bored. She even sat still through the perfect-for-kids lunch - chicken fingers and fries. (Adults were served a delicious salad with a grilled chicken entree and yummy creme brulee for dessert.)

Many volunteers were required to make CHP a success and their commitment in time and resources paid off. Thank you! Plus, our treasurer, Barbara Simons, announced at our last meeting that CHP had raised approximately $17,00 for museum programs.

What an all-around great way to celebrate the season - having fun and supporting a good cause. Visit the Historical League CHP web page to view a pictorial collage of happy party-goers.