Saturday, November 12, 2022

Desert Belle on Sahuaro Lake tour


Do you remember, before all the development, when Phoenix and surrounding areas were mostly desert? A trip to Sahuaro Lake will bring it all back. Thanks to Lynn Wood for organizing a very successful scenic trip Thursday on the Desert Belle at Sahuaro Lake.

As he piloted the boat, Captain John gave a well-educated talk sprinkled with humor remarking, “When I learned The Historical League was touring today, I made sure all my facts and stories were accurate.” True words as two of the most knowledgeable history members, Zona Lorig and Norma Jean Coulter, were sitting up front!

Zona Lorig, Norma Jean Coulter with her granddaughter

Enjoying the view before boarding, Ruth McLeod, tour organizer Lynn Wood,
Sandy Loeffler, Mike Wood, Pat Christopherson

Not a bad seat in the house as we toured Saguaro Lake on the Desert Belle. With 27 League members on board there was a lot of conversation and laughter as we soaked in the beauty of nature. The rock walls towered over the calm lake. A big horn sheep was sighted and we searched the sky for eagles but none on this day
Tour organizer Lynn and Mike Wood with Bonnie Newhoff, Zona Lorig and
Norma Jean Coulter & granddaughter in row behind them

Pat Christopherson and Sandy Loeffler

Sue Eberle

Julie Moore, President Chris Hacket, Sharron McKinney

Mariamne Moore and Scott

Bonnie Newhoff pointed out the Four Peaks that she has climbed many times, shrouded in clouds today.

Nothing like wiping out while waterskiing in front of an audience. In this case a crowded cruise boat filled with Historical League members on Saguaro Lake. Notice he was not wearing a wet suit on a chilly day in November. But he got a round of applause and thumbs up.

The Upper Salt River ends here with the dam creating the Lower Salt. There is always something to learn on Historical League tours.

Susan Dale