Saturday, February 25, 2023

2023 Historymakers Announcement event

 Exciting time at Arizona Heritage Center at Papago Park as the 2023 Historymakers were announced. The reception was very well attended by Historymakers, dignitaries, press and Historical League members. 

Drumroll please - Announcement of our 2023 Arizona Historymakers: a very distinguished and diverse group who have done much for the state over the years. These Arizonans have made lasting contributions to society and the growth of Arizona:
Frank Barrios
ASU President Michael Crow
Angel Delgadillo
Dolan Ellis
Ira Fulton & The Fulton Family
Terry Goddard
Denise Resnik
Dr. Jeffrey M. Trent
Dr. Daniel D. Von Hoff
Mrs. Elizabeth White
We look forward to the official Historymakers event Saturday, October 14, 2023 at Arizona Heritage Center at Papago Park.
The 2023 honorees join the ranks of these previously honored Historymakers 


“A superb night of celebration” was the comment as crowds gathered for the announcement & reception of the 2023 Historymakers at Arizona Heritage Center. As Chair Diana Smith remarked, “Our guests left happy & smiling & awed by the depth of the Arizona history in the room.”
Historymaker Chair Diana Smith with husband David ready to welcome guests.

2001 Historymaker Stevie Ellis chats with Susan Dale and 2017 Historymaker Harry Papp.