Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Fabulous Photo Shoot for Tastes & Treasures Volume II Cookbook

You will never look at photography the same after spending a day with professionals photographing food for Tastes & Treasures Volume II. It takes lots of patience, an eye for detail and artistic expression.
So glad to work with Ken Epstein taking pictures and Stephanie Green preparing and styling the food. Along with Chef Leslie Christiansen, Cathy Shumard, Linda Corderman and Ruth McLeod, we learned so much. Leslie, Cathy and Linda were major players with food prep as well.
Every detail is accounted for in the photographs. Using tweezers and q-tips, the food is meticulously arranged, lighted, accessorized and made to look so-o-o mouthwatering, you want to take a bite!
Tortilla Soup from Lon's at Hermosa Inn was one of the items prepared on this day. Looking forward to seeing these fabulous photos in Tastes & Treasures Volume II.