Friday, January 14, 2022

Bill Ponder retires after 25 year career with AHS

President Claire Nullmeyer comments on a recent event at the Arizona History Museum in Tucson honoring Bill Ponder's 25 year career. "Zona Lorig and I attended Bill's retirement event. He was very happy with the gathering and gentle “roasting and toasting”. Linda Whitaker, AHS Board President hosted the group of 20 invited guests.

Dr. David Breeckner and Tawn Downs presented Bill with a “Basket of Retirement Travel” gifts and a map of Arizona Museum locations signed by staff members from around the state."

Dr. Breckner writes, "Bill has been a quiet but powerful force at AHS, overseeing the institution's growth and transformation across the last quarter-century. We have been fortunate to count him as a leader and staff, and are sorry to see him go. He will be missed. It's with Bill in mind -- his vision, energy, and professionalism -- that we look ahead. I'm certain he'll remain in touch, and I am eager to work with you and all of the Historical League as we continue to grow his legacy across all of Arizona."