Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tour organizers did a fantastic job to Monument Valley

Thanks to Bonnie Newhoff, Dianne Linthicum, Nancy Evans and Mary Parker, the 3 day bus tour to Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly was outstanding. So much to see and experience. What a wonderful time learning about Arizona's history.
What a wonderful time to spend with other Historical League members.
We are most appreciative of the time and energy it took to organize such a fantastic tour. Three days of meals, lodging, shopping, BBQ in the rain, tours into Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley, guest speaker Peter McDonald, Navajo National Monument, Hubbell Trading post, Navajo Code Talkers Museum, even box lunches from Chapparal Pines Country Club in Payson and Happy Hour on the bus each day.
Did I mention turquoise and silver jewelry shopping was involved too?