Thursday, May 21, 2015

Soleri Bells with Historical League logo

Pam den Draak presents Historymaker Marshall
Trimble with an Old Ned Soleri bell at the
Recognition Luncheon
Who wouldn't want one of these in their yard?
Our latest fundraiser is this beautiful copper Soleri bell with the unique Historical League Old Ned logo. Thanks to Pam den Draak for helping to create this one of a kind bell with the Arcosanti Musuem.
The Historical League Soleri Wind Bells are a one-of–a-kind handmade bronze bells with original artwork from world-renowned artist Paolo Soleri.   A five-inch fin with a cutout of the League’s “Old Ned” logo hangs from the bottom of the bell, giving it an overall length of 22 inches. The bell is 3.25 “ h and 2.5” w.  There are variable colors ranging from green to turquoise and red to orange, with all shades mottled on the same piece.  The colors and patterns are random and will vary.  Each bell is a unique design handcrafted by a skilled artisan.

Historical League members purchase Soleri bells
from Pam den Draak. Attractive gift box available.
These authentic Soleri Wind Bells make a perfect gift for all occasions.  The proceeds assist the Arizona Historical Society Museum at Papago Park. They can be purchased for $99.95.  Gift Boxes $5.50.

Contact to order.