Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Reports from staff and League members at June Zoom meeting.

Last Zoom meeting of the year was filled with good news. Staff reporting from AZ Heritage Center focused on increase in events, exhibits, weddings, reunions, volunteers, online programs and meetings. Love the new mustache game for children. They are encouraged to find mustaches hidden through out the museum. One child found 137!! Thanks to Debbie McKinnion and Marilyn Murphy for the updates.
From the comfort of our homes, we received end of the year reports at the June meeting. Thanks to Cindy Tidwell -Shelton for 4 years as Awards Chair. She turns it over to Karen Belt. Linda Corderman continues to work on Historymakers Hall with edited bios and new photos giving us a fresh look at this incredible program. She thanked her helpers Zona Lorig, Margaret Baker, Diane Smith and Susan Dale. Nina Filippi and Clede Gorrell asked everyone to check their homes for accurate inventory of Tastes & Treasures II. Diane Smith was congratulated for all the marvelous speakers she brought to us via Zoom this year. All jobs well done!

Fund for Arizona History continues to grow

What an amazing job President Susan Dale has done with her two years in office. Despite the struggles with the pandemic, the Future of History Fund has raised $102,545 and this continues to grow. The goal of this project is 1.An update of the Historymakers Hall exhibit 2.Support for Arizona teachers and students to develop National History Day projects 3.Outreach dollars for the Arizona Heritage Center to reach new audiences Congratulations to Susan and her team!