Monday, April 30, 2012

Volunteers make Successful History Convention

What would we do without our fabulous volunteers? The Historical League set up a booth to sell Tastes & Treasures cookbook and our Centennial Legacy Project book, Arizona Recollections and Reflections, at the Pointe Tapatio for the History Convention.

Thanks to volunteers Carolyn Mendoza, Donna Esposito, Ruth Ann Hogan, Mariamne Moore, Norma Jean Coulter, Pat Faur, Mary Parker, Leslie Christiansen, Ruth McLeod and Zona Lorig for a great job.

Over $1000 in sales was encouraging, but mingling with the official State Historian Marshall Tremble, Historymaker Elisabeth Ruffner, author Frank Barrios, AHS State Director Ann Woosley, AHS Museum Director Kyle McKoy and so many more who promote the history of this great State was even better. The sessions over the three days were most informative.

Although the State has put very little money into the Centennial Celebration, this History Convention shows that Arizona's Centennial is being celebrated all year.