Wednesday, May 24, 2023

NHDAZ student builds AZ Historymaker John F. Long website

Congrats to National History Day AZ student Aarav Senthilkumar, a 6th grader from New Vistas Center for Education in Chandler who designed a website featuring John F. Long.

One of the 45 students headed to Wash. D.C. and NHD finals in June, he visited the AZHC to research materials and find artifacts. During his visit he filmed the scale model of a John F. Long solar electric home, as well as found great resources for his project.

Needing an interview with a primary source, Historical League member Josie Pete was happy to share stories of her first and second home in Maryvale, built by John F. Long. Her insight was invaluable.

Aarav’s teacher Stacey Trepanier commented, “It has been inspiring working with Aarav on his NHD project this year, as he started with such a broad topic of air conditioning and narrowed it down to a more specific story that connected to his community and how he lives today. That is the beauty of NHD-it allows students like Aarav to connect with history at all levels, and discover unknown stories through in-depth research, primary sources, and interviews. I feel confident as he leaves my classroom; he is prepared to tackle any research project that lies ahead of him.”

John F. Long was honored by the Historical League as an Arizona Historymaker in 2001 for his contributions to the state. The League Is proud to support the National History Day AZ program.