Thursday, January 5, 2012

Historymaker/Navajo Code Talker Keith Little 1925-2012

The Navajo Code Talkers and Keith Little were given a wonderful tribute at the Historymakers Centennial Gala February 11, 2011. Keith attended along with fellow Code Talkers Joe Kellwood and Sidney Bedoni. The Code Talkers were honored in 2005 and the Centennial Gala 2011 brought all honorees together for a special recognition.

We realize that the passing of these courageous men must not end the acknowledgements they deserve and we continue to honor them with our Historymakers Recognition program and exhibits at AHS Museum.

When asked why he chose to go to war, he answers simply: "[because] the Japanese made a sneak attack on the US," adding that he wanted "to protect our people, land and country."

Their stories are told in the Historical League's Centennial book, Arizona Recollections and Reflections which is a Centennial Legacy Project. The chapter in Tastes & Treasures from Cameron Trading Post also talks about the Navajo people.