Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday Arizona at BestFest

Sharing the history of Arizona was fun at BestFest February 11-12 at the Capitol Celebration. Rex and Kay Holcombe, and Ruth and Al McLeod helped Carolyn Mendoza set up the booth. Then the crowds started coming Saturday morning even though it did not officially open until noon.

The biplane fly-over and Motorcycle rally with the Copper Chopper were two of the many highlights.

AHS had the booth right next to ours and drew lots of people to see the original pen that President Taft used to sign the declaration making AZ the 48th state.

Thanks to Carolyn Mendoza for working the entire weekend with help from Sharron McKinney, Zona Lorig, Mariamne Moore, Susan Dale, Pat Faur, Margaret Baker, Nina Fillippi, Ruth McLeod and Pam Ryan. These Historical League members met people and told the story of the League and AHS. Lots of cookbooks, Centennial books, hats and aprons were sold. Thanks also to Larry Baker and Tom and Mark Lorig for help packing up.