Tuesday, October 3, 2023

AZ Historymaker 2023 Dr. Von Hoff interviewed by Carey Pena

 Carey Pena comments after interviewing 2023 Arizona Historymaker™ Dr. Daniel Von Hoff: 

Standing with one of the world’s foremost oncologists Dr. Daniel Von Hoff. He rarely does interviews, but came to our studios as part of a documentary project we are producing for Historymakers. Dr. Von Hoff’s clinical trials led to 3 of the 4 new FDA-approved therapies that improve survival for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. He’s held many prestigious positions, including @tgenresearch and has devoted his life to finding cures. However, after interviewing Dr. Von Hoff, I am convinced his greatest gift is not his brilliance. It’s his compassion for people.