Thursday, December 29, 2022

Queen of Decorating for All Things Historical League

After 30 years of decorating for our events, Nancy Evans continues to embellish all things Historical League. And we are so-o-o grateful for her talent and dedication!!

She hasn't changed much as these photos show with daughter Jennifer and granddaughter Reagan at Children's Holiday Party (circa 2003) and at Family Holiday Party (December 2022) with Jennifer and husband Stan at the "Cinderella" event . . . which, of course, she decorated.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Merry Christmas especially to The Audrey Johnson Theatre Foundation

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays especially to the Audrey Johnson Theater Foundation. Part of the Historical League mission is to conduct educational and promotion activities. Working with this foundation helps fulfill our goal. Here's a post from Audrey Johnson Theatre Facebook 12/8/22.

"It's taken a long time but we are finally back! This Saturday, December 11, 22 children from the Sunshine Residential Center will get to see a live theatrical production of "Cinderella" at Phoenix Theatre! This is being made possible by the generosity of the Arizona Historical Society and our yearly partnership with them. Check out their website:
We look forward to restoring our mission of giving children the magic of live theatre that would otherwise be unable to do so.
If you have any theatre tickets that you are not using, please let us know and we will put deserving children into those seats! And if you are a theatre owner or supporter and want to make sure your actors are performing to a full house, we will gladly fill up those seats for you!"

Since 1996 Sunshine has been home to more than 25,000 children needing emergency out-of-home placement. Not only did the children get tickets to the performance, but the League also donated the leftover treats to them as well as the table decorations. 

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Families enjoying Historical League Holiday Event at Cinderella, Phoenix Theatre

Mouth-watering cranberry scones, Terrie's All-American Brownies, tables groaning with delicious food: Bonnie Newhoff (chef extraordinaire) organizes an amazing array of food for the Historical League Holiday event prior to Cinderella.
Recipes from Tastes & Treasures II: A Storytelling Cookbook of Historic Arizona. Available at


Sarah Holcombe, Emma and Amber Bradley, Kay and Rex Holcombe

Delores Tomasek with daughter Tammy Frazier, granddaughter and great-granddaughter!

The Evans family

Nazila Adib, her 8-year-old daughter Emilia Aubrey, who won the stuffed flamingo raffle item, Susan Dale, Nazila’s mother Parvin Bonakdar

Mary Parker's granddaughter Olivia won the motorized car. The second time her family has won a car!!!

Friday, December 16, 2022

Family Holiday Party features Cinderella and lots of fun with raffles, food, drink and community

 The smiles and laughter tell it all. Good friends volunteering together have made the Family Holiday Party a success again this year.

Historical League President Chris Hackett and niece Danielle McGill

Patt Walker and Lee Rogers

Ruth Ann Hogan, Linda Corderman, Zona Lorig and Ruth McLeod

Monday, December 12, 2022

"Cinderella" a big success for Annual Family Holiday Party

They've done it again! Historical League Family Holiday Party at Phoenix Theatre was fantastic. Thanks to Bonnie Newhoff organizing all the yummy food. Katie Tovar and Sharron McKinney created inviting wine baskets. Lots of wonderful raffle items and 50/50 raffle. Top if off with a grand performance of Cinderella.

Long list of Thank You for the organizers of the Annual Family Holiday Party. It takes a village to do this event! Anne Lupica worked with Phoenix Theatre to co-ordinate the event with space and ticket sales. Bonnie Newhoff arranged (and baked) the delicious food. Claire Nullmeyer chaired the raffle items. Sharron McKinney and Katie Tovar worked on gift baskets. Mary Parker sold 50/50 raffle tickets on many occasions to make it highly successful. Nancy Evans created the outstanding decor. Cindy Tidwell-Shelton helped with registration. And so many baked and brought yummy foods, helped with set up and clean up, also contributed funds. Fabulous event!!!

Upstairs was delicious food, drinks, raffles, friends and families. Downstairs was "Cinderella" waiting to entertain us. Thanks to all those who made this Annual Family Holiday Party a successful event on December 11.

Bonnie Newhoff did an amazing job baking and organizing the food.

One of the lovely gift baskets designed by Katie Tovar and Sharron McKinney.

Nancy Evans and Janet Young enjoy the moment.

Pat Faur and Susan Dale
Cindy Tidwell-Shelton helped with registration and won this lovely gift basket.

Past President Claire Nullmeyer organized the fabulous raffle. Ready to see Cinderella with her great-nieces Bridget, and the twins Morgan and Peyton.

Dianne Linthicum helped present the delicious food.

Dr. Josephine Pete helped present the delicious food.


Squeals of laughter as Mary Parker's granddaughter Olivia tried out her new car. One of the raffle items at the Family Holiday Party, the Parker granddaughters all wanted to drive it at the December 11 event.

Ruth Ann Hogan with raffle items

Cathy and Tom Shumard

Janice Bryson, Katie Tovar, Janice granddaughter Layla

Stan Evans, Zona Lorig, Linda Corderman, Dianne Linthicum

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Annual Christmas Party/Meeting December 5

Holiday parties. Great time to enjoy friendships, food and favorite activities such as supporting AZHC at Papago Park. Thanks to Bonnie Newhoff and Katie Tovar for the wonderful photos from the Annual Christmas party/meeting December 5.

Recipes from Tastes & Treasures I and II were served at the luncheon. Thanks to Sergio for delicious Cafe Roka Lasagna (Vol II page 28), Spinach and Strawberry Salad (Vol I page 151) and Terrie's All-American Brownies (Vol II page 121 ).

Faye Kitchel and Clede Gorrell
Zona Lorig

Julie Moore

Katie Tovar and Janice Bryson

Margaret Baker and Nina Filippi

Mariamne Moore, Dr Josephine Pete, Mary Pat Honey

Mary Parker sells 50/50 raffle tickets to Nancy Evans

Renee Donnelly and Susie Brinegar

Ruth Ann Hogan, Linda Fritsch, Dianne Linthicum

Sandy Loeffler, Pat Grogg

Dianne Linthicum and Pat Faur

Katie Tovar and Sharron McKinney

Renee Donnelly

Susan Dale and Norma Jean Coulter

Mary Parker handles sales for "Cinderella" 50/50 raffle

Nancy Evans ready to enjoy Spinach and Strawberry salad during lunch

Lunch by Sergio

Terrie's Famous All-American Brownies