Wednesday, April 17, 2013

AZ Recollections and Reflections in Globe Museum

The Historical League continues to promote our Historymakers with Arizona Recollections and Reflections book. Governor Rose Mofford was honored as a Historymaker in 1999.

League member Mary Parker tells us, "Look what I found when I went to Miami for a Museum board meeting. This display case containing our Centennial book, Arizona Recollections and Reflections, is in the Rose Mofford section at the Bullion Plaza Cultural Center and Museum in Miami. The League had a tour of Miami/Globe quite a few years ago and the Miami people have put a lot of work into restoring and opening the southern section of this old school building. Years ago, only the northern section of the building was opened. Now, they have restored the floor and the room where we had the board meeting, along with re-doing a hallway where more specimens are on display. The hallway leads to Governor Mofford's section. The rest of her artifacts are in Florence."