Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cerreta's Candy Co. Tour

Founder Jim Cerreta discusses White Chocolate
Marshmallow tips with Delores Tomasek
The Historical League tour to Glendale to visit Cerreta's Candy Factory was indeed a sweet treat. The photos tell the story. Thanks to Julie Moore and Mary McMahon for arranging a wonderful tour.

The I Love Lucy Candy Line

Lindy Isacksen and Mary Parker walk through the candy

Halloween sprinkles added to marshmallows
Caramel ready to be poured

Tour guide explaining how to make
the popular Mint Chocolates.

President Margaret Baker in front of the factory

Sprinkles anyone?

Lots and Lots of Sugar

Tour guide was very informative and friendly.
The children loved it, especially the samples.

Lindy Isacksen, Linda Fritsch and Cathy Shumard after shopping

Mary Parker and Julie Moore. Note the Lucy Show on TV.

Sharron McKinney, Nina Fillippi ready to shop

Ready for the tour