Friday, March 4, 2011

League Guest Speaker March 7

Got History?
Next week‘s speaker is all about history, specializing in the prehistoric kind! Join us on March 7th when Dr. Todd Bostwick will be speaking about an amazing Archaic and Hohokam rock art site in the Picacho Mountains in Southern Arizona.

Dr. Bostwick, recently retired from his post as Phoenix City Archeologist for over 20yrs., has studied the Hohokam culture extensively and is a recognized expert on the subject of petroglyphs. He has written numerous books and publications on rock art as well as others concerning Southwestern archeology, archaeoastronomy and history.

With both a Masters degree in Anthropology and a Ph.D in History from Arizona State, Dr Bostwick from his office at Pueblo Grande Museum created and administrated a comprehensive, city-wide archeology compliance program and served as the National Park Service’s coordinator for the Pueblo Grande National Historic Landmark. His work on Pueblo Grande’s prehistoric platform mound earned him two awards from the National Park Service. He was also twice recipient of the City Manager’s Excellence award and in 2005 received the Arizona Governors Award in Public Archeology.

Join us for what should prove to be a most interesting talk!