Wednesday, September 20, 2023

NHDAZ students showcase their projects at Historymakers Celebration Oct. 14

National History Day AZ students will be at Arizona Historymakers™ Celebration on October 14 at AZHS beginning at 3 pm. Cathy Shumard writes, “8 NHDAZ students with 2 teachers and 6 parents have accepted our invitation to showcase their award winning projects.”

With topics such as “Black Barbershops: Cutting to New Frontiers”, “John F. Long: Opening Frontier to Phoenix Building,” and “Sesame Street: New Frontiers in Intellectual and Social Education”, incorporated into websites, documentaries and exhibits we can see first hand the work they have done. It is with great enthusiasm that we meet these industrious students who show such potential . . . they could become future Historymakers.

Join us Oct 14 as we honor 2023 Arizona Historymakers Frank M. Barrios, Michael M. Crow Ph.D., Angel Delgadillo, Dolan Ellis, The Honorable Terry Goddard, Denise D. Resnik, Jeffrey M. Trent Ph.D., Daniel D. Von Hoff M.D., Mrs. Elizabeth J. White.