Tuesday, May 5, 2015

History of Phoenix Streets with Vince Murray

Where did Phoenix start? In 1851, the initial point was determined to be at the junction of the Gila and Salt River. The monument was already there at the Mexico and USA boundary (before the Gadsden Purchase gave the area to the USA). In 1870, surveyors started from this point so homesteaders could claim sections of land. Thanks to Henry Wickenburg and Jack Swilling, who realized the importance of the irrigation ditches, the town site was formed. Vince Murray gave an in-depth presentation of historic Phoenix streets as the guest speaker at the Historical League May meeting.
Vince Murray gave a fascinating insight to early Phoenix.

Street names were changed often. Baltimore became Roosevelt Street.

1881 Phoenix was incorporated. Taxes were $3/year

1893 had no zoning laws but a new numbering
system was established and Streets were on the
east side of Central, Avenues were on the west side.

Mary Pat Honey thanks Vince Murray with a copy of Tastes & Treasures cookbook.

1914 Railroad lines were easy transportation in Phoenix