Monday, April 30, 2018

Stories from Historymakers Wall Exhibit at AZ Heritage Center

While viewing Historymakers Wall exhibit at AZ Heritage Center during the AZ History Convention Friday reception, some stories came to light.
Jack Allen was a Boy Scout with Historymaker John Driggs.  John's father, Doug, drove seven of them, crammed into a 1935 Chevy army ambulance, to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming for their mountain climbing badge. It was high on the mountain that Doug Driggs celebrated his 50th birthday. Great memories for those Boy Scouts.

Beautiful silver and turquoise jewelry was worn at the Friday reception. Linda Cravens wore her mother's necklace purchased circa 1890. Made from hammered coins it is a lovely piece. The original string broke years ago. Fortunately all the beads fell into her lap so it has been restrung with wire now.