Sunday, May 22, 2011

San Antonio tour

Mary Parker writes about the whirlwind Historical League tour to San Antonio, Texas. "We saw the IMax movie about the Alamo the first night. The next day we went on a cruise of the river along the Riverwalk, then a trolley picked us to tour some beautiful old houses in the King William district (Kaiser Wilhelm which had to be changed during WWI), lunch at a wonderful Mexican restaurant, then we trolleyed to some missions which lined up south of San Antonio, & then we were dropped off at the Alamo for wandering around on our own.

Jeannine & I stayed for a 20 minute video, which went into the history of Texas a little more than the first night. There is a nice museum at the Alamo & the chapel is beautiful.

We even had a gazoo band entertain us, thanks to Kassie Walters, Linda Fritsch, Terri Mainwaring & Lindy Isacksen! :o))"