Tuesday, June 21, 2011

June 2011 Old Ned News

Mary Parker, our wonderful editor, has done it again. She's created an informative, interesting newsletter chock full of pictures and details about League happenings.

Check out our online version now uploaded to the League's website.

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

The Historical League really values the talents and hard work of the staff at AHS Museum, Papago Park. Each June we host a luncheon to show our appreciation and to hand out grant money for the coming year. This year we were able to donate $65,000 to the AHS Museum and look forward to seeing the wonderful things they will do. New director, Kyle McKoy talks about events at the Museum during the meeting.

Donna Esposito dishes up a delicious lasagna for everyone.
Jeff Hotchkiss is ready to enjoy a Centennial chocolate bar from the Historymakers Gala while Megan Gately and Dawn discuss ideas with League members.