Sunday, August 14, 2011

Walking Tacos

Perfect for neighborhood pot lucks, this dish was so-o-o popular at the "Neighborhood Night Out" in Minneapolis. Over 100 neighbors attended to enjoy friendship, food and support the event. Joined by a full-size firetruck that hosed down the kids, a police patrol car, bouncy blow-up building for kids, coloring book stations and lots and lots of bicycles, this evening was a huge success.

Potluck ingredients

1. bags of individual size Doritos
2. Crockpot of taco meat sauce
3. shredded lettuce
4. shredded cheese
5. sour cream
6. taco sauce
7. smashed avocados
8. chopped green onions
9. diced peppers
10. choppped tomatoes
11. what ever people bring to add to the taco
12. plastic forks

Open Dorito bag and add taco ingredients. Grab a fork and enjoy.

Tastes & Treasures cookbook has an authentic recipe for Navajo Taco on page 14 with more accurate ingredients. This recipe is from historic Cameron Trading Post. It is not quite as portable as Walking Tacos, but very tasty.