Friday, March 1, 2013

Japanese Friendship Gardens Tour

Creating a Bonzai tree with ropes and boards.
 Beautiful gardens, pond, koi, Bonzai trees and statues are discovered in this tranquil place in downtown Phoenix. Although it was a very chilly February day, the Historical League enjoyed a tour led by a very knowledgeable docent at the Japanese Friendship Gardens. Hope you discover this place at 1125 N. Third Ave. Near the light rail train. 602-256-3204
Guest Candice McLeod opens secret door to Tea Garden Pagoda.

Ruth McLeod uses a bamboo cup to do the ritual of cleansing hands before the Tea Ceremony.

Rock wrapped in rope means "Do Not Disturb". (A Tea Ceremony is going on now.)

Tour Guide explaining the meaning  of the statue at the gates of the Gardens

Guest Candice McLeod and Carolyn Mendoza admire the statue by the pond.