Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Juneteeth at AZHC described by AHS Todd Bailey

Todd Bailey, Special Projects Co-ordinator at AZHC, describes Juneteeth on his facebook page,  

"I was in the presence of amazing people today. Artists, Educators, colleagues, friends, and members of the greater Phoenix area, and even several Tucsonians. Putting together AHC’S Juneteenth Celebration was a GIFT to me. To work with so many amazing people and have so many noble and fine black folks in the room… was exactly what my diabolical little brain was constructing. I hope you didn’t miss it! 604 people came to enjoy the day with us and celebrated freedom and the discussion of freedom going forward. Thank you for all you Dr Josephine Pete, a member of the ASU Class of 1960. Dr Pete and her classmates went to the legislature that year and demanded that they make the “Tempe Normal School” into a full fledged UNIVERSITY! #therestishistory also, the incredibly talented, charming and handsome @bruce_the_violinist aka Bruce Kirkwood….. soother all our souls with violin like you have never heard before. I am still amazed that I actually booked him. What an incredible day!"


And the Historical league is so happy to have Dr. Josephine Pete as a member!!

Todd Bailey, Historical League member Dr. Josephine Pete, Bruce Kirkwood