Friday, April 2, 2010

Sears Fine Food Restaurant in San Francisco

You could dine your way through San Francisco with all that it has to offer. The historical restaurants are my first choice and Sears Fine Food Restaurant is near Union Square. Established in 1938 it offers great food and very reasonable prices with antiques everywhere. We were seated in the basement with it's tiny white and black hexagonal tile so reminiscent of the 1930's. The place was filled with antiques and wonderful old photos.

History of Sears Fine Food
from their website.
Hilbur and Ben Sears founded Sears in 1938 on the Block of Powell Street. Ben was a retired circus clown who used his wife's family recipe for Swedish Pancakes as the "star attraction" for his new venture. The word soon spread and people lined up to try these wonderful 18 little Swedish pancakes. Thus the legend began...

In the early 1950's the restaurant was sold to Mrs. Quita Brenner who kept the menu and the name. Originally it seated about 70 people and featured two pink Cadillac's that they outfitted with heaters to keep their customers warm while they waited to dine at the restaurant. In 1964 the restaurant moved to its present location at 439 Powell Street and Mrs Brenner, her son in law, Al Boyajian and later his son Lee ran the business. In December 2003 restaurant closed due in part to declining revenues after 09/11. They sought a buyer who might continue the business, loved by generations of San Franciscans and tourists from all over the world. They found that buyer in Man J. Kim, an experienced restaurateur and owner of the Lori's Diner restaurant.