Saturday, June 11, 2022

June 2022 Historical League meeting

We end the year on a high note introducing the new Board with Advisor Susan Dale administering the oath of office. President Claire Nullmeyer turned over the gavel to incoming President Chris Hackett.

Tastes & Treasures I and II were the inspiration for the food served. Prescott's The Palace Bar Corn Chowder page 92-93 Volume II was popular. From Volume I, pages 96 and 97, Lon's Roasted Chicken and Strawberry Salad was given a new and inviting presentation. Almond Macaroons from page 97 were a hit for dessert. Thanks to Mary McMahon and Pat Christopherson for organizing the luncheon. Also Sergio and Randy for preparing the delicious meal.

Vacation was the theme for our June meeting. Thanks to Sandy Loeffler for her Summertime centerpieces celebrating beach, tall pines, and European travels.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

NHD luncheon photos

Meeting "face to face" was a goal of the Historical League's luncheon for National History Day students. The students have been "online only" for too long. For many, this recognition and congratulation luncheon was the first time they were able to be with each other. It was enjoyed by 13 students, 4 teachers and 5 judges as well as parents and Historical League members.

Senator Mark Kelly and National History Day Executive Director Cathy Dorn gave speeches via videos.

Kudos to Anne Lupica for organizing this event.

HL President Claire Nullmeyer

Monday, June 6, 2022

Annual Recognition Luncheon in May: more photos

Historical League Recognition Luncheon was in May but these great photos just came in. We are so appreciative of all the volunteers that make our organization work so well. What a fun event!

President Chris Hackett

Anne Bever

Cathy Shumard, Emily Burns

Past President Claire Nullmeyer, Debbie McKinion, President Chris Hackett

Chairs of Recognition Luncheon: Jan Murray, Nina Phillipi, Clede Gorrell

Committee Chairs: President Advisor Susan Dale, Clede Gorrell, President Chris Hackett, 
Susan Howard, Cathy Shumard, Past President Claire Nullmeyer, Nancy Evans
Debbie McKinion, Susan Dale

Delores Tomasek, Linda Fritsch, Renee Donnelly

Diane Linthicum, Nancy Evans, Karen Belt, Ruth Ann Hogan

Emily Burns

Historymakers Hall Renovation Committee

Janet Young, Mariamne Moore

Janet Young

Julie Moore, Mary McMahon

Mariamne Moore

Mary Garbaciak, Jan Murray

Pat Faur, Mary Pat Honey

Renee Donnelly, Delores Tomasek

Sharron McKinney, Jan Murray, Ruth Ann Hogan

Susan Howard, Mary McMahon, Clede Gorrell, Mary Parker

Past President Claire Nullmeyer

Zona Lorig, Diane Smith, Anne Lupica

Sunday, June 5, 2022

National History Day luncheon

 Historical League is proud to support NHDAZ. Anne Lupica did a wonderful job organizing this celebration luncheon.

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Historymaker Bil Keane

 Honored as a Historymaker in 1992, Bil Keane's cartoons have timeless appeal. Glad to see his son Jeff continuing the legacy.

Historymaker Hall at Arizona Heritage Center in Papago Park is filled with photos and artifacts from all of the Historymakers.