Saturday, March 25, 2023

The Golden Rule Cafe, Mrs. Elizabeth White and Dr. Lincoln and Eleanor Ragsdale

A $500 loan made the difference for Mrs. White and The Golden Rule Cafe. She took over the restaurant in 1964 after her brother moved. Bank loans for African Americans were difficult and for a Black woman in business (impossible) in those days. Local activists Dr. Lincoln and Eleanor Ragsdale loaned her $500 through their loan company.

Honored as 2023 Arizona Historymaker, Mrs. Elizabeth White enjoyed the reception recently at the Arizona Heritage Center Museum. 2023 Arizona Historymaker Chair Diana Smith greets fellow Historical League member Lincoln Ragsdale Jr. and Mrs. Elizabeth White. Video

Congratulations to all 2023 Historymakers:

Frank Barrios

ASU President Michael Crow

Angel Delgadillo

Dolan Ellis

Ira Fulton & The Fulton Family

Terry Goddard

Denise Resnik

Dr. Jeffrey M. Trent

Dr. Daniel D. Von Hoff

Mrs. Elizabeth White