Thursday, June 13, 2019

Touring with Tastes & Treasures II

Jenny Erwin has a fabulous idea with Tastes & Treasures II cookbook. Her Facebook post is below:
Last week John & I began a fun culinary adventure inspired by Tastes & Treasures II. A storytelling cookbook of historic Arizona, published by the Historical League, Inc. it was a gift from my dear friend Cathy Shumard who helped with the project. Twenty-four historic restaurants are featured along with recipes of their signature dishes. Instead of cooking these dishes, we decided to dine at each place over the next year and have the chefs sign our book. Our first stop was Gertrude's at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. That night we enjoyed a desert inspired meal..including elote fritters on the patio with the full moon as the backdrop for the Garden's Electric Desert display. Where will be go next? We haven't decided but John is leaning toward Rock Springs Cafe. He is eager to try their famous pies. Maybe you join us on our next culinary adventure. Cheers!