Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dr. J. Eugene Grigsby Jr. (1918-2013) Is Remembered

Formal Historymakers Portrait 1992

Sargent Grigsby
Historymaker Dr. J. Eugene Grigsby Jr. (1918 - 2013) passed away on Sunday, June 9th, leaving his two sons and their families as well as thousands of former students, friends and facility. His extraordinary career has encompassed teaching, consulting and lecturing. He was especially recognized for his many efforts to increase national awareness of ethnic art while some of his greatest satisfaction came from working with various inner-city youth programs.

He received many awards including Historical League’s Historymaker 1992 and NAEA’s Art Educator in 1988.

Recently, Dr. Grigsby generously contributed funds for the "Program to Donate Arizona Recollections and Reflections, An Arizona Centennial Historymakers Commemoration to Libraries across Arizona". This Legacy Project book is based on oral history interviews with 58 Historymakers, influential Arizonans whose personal recollections tell the story of Arizona and helped to create it’s cultural fabric. Arizona history is reflected through the lens of their lives and achievements. Dr. Grigsby is featured on pages 148-151 with his biography, formal portrait and family photos.
J. Eugene Grigsby Jr. with Lady Bird Johnson