Friday, April 3, 2009

Tour of Phoenix Children's Museum

Wish I had grand children to take to this place. What fun. I wanted to climb with the kids, plant flowers, slide, chase the air machine scarves and ride the tricycle/segway. The Historical League had a tour in March with guide Kathie Hughes sharing so much information and history. The museum started with an idea from two Phoenix families vacationing. "Why doesn't Phoenix have a Children's Museum like San Diego?" The historic Monroe school was available and so it began...All the exhibits are educational and thoroughly researched for the appropriate age levels. Open since June 2008, 250,000 guests have gone through it.
The noodle forest (9,000 pool noodles) is mine and Jeannie Fletcher's favorite (and also most of the children) although the grocery store is a close second. Betsy Davis holds a plastic carrot that was so real she commented, "looks like the carrot from the bottom of the crisper drawer."
Delores Tomasek is removing the heart and liver from Mr Stuffy as she learns about anatomy.
Marlyse Brock, Betsy Davis, Nancy Evans and Janie Burke enjoy the giggle box covered with Jackson Pollack artwork in the dining area. It was a fun filled, informative tour and one I would love to take again...just need that grandchild.