Friday, February 16, 2024

Vintage photographs from Paul Markow, February guest speaker

Forward thinking with his marketing, home builder John F. Long hired actor Ronald Reagan for promotional advertising in the 1950's.

February guest speaker and professional photographer Paul Markow documented early Phoenix including these pictures of John F. Long.

Realizing that VA loans for returning WWII vets didn't cover essentials (ex. refrigerators and stoves), Long lobbied Congress to change that. He hired popular actress Jane Russell to showcase a kitchen featuring included appliances. The Historical League honored John F. Long in 2001 as AZ Historymaker.

Paul Markow shows photo of Ronald Reagan with John F. Long

John F. Long promoting his new home kitchen appliances with Jane Russell

How would you like to be remembered as the diapered man ushering in 1947 on New Years Eve? As guest speaker at our February meeting, photographer Paul Markow has given us some great memories with these pictures.

Celebrating Black History month with historic picture from professional photographer Paul Markow.