Monday, May 8, 2023

NHDAZ holds Day at the Museum at AZHC

National History Day AZ Students gathered at AZHC on Saturday for a Day at the Museum.

Avery Greenfield, 7th grader at Sunrise Middle School in Paradise Valley, explains to others what his National History Day AZ project is all about. His project was inspired by a story by Nathan Hale. He then checks out the t-shirt he was given to wear at NHD National competition where he will compete with students across America for a first place win in his age division. On left, League member Josie Pete, on right, Avery's dad who will be with him at the competition. They showed their exhibits, met with teachers and students and families, finalized their plans for the trip and competition. Thanks to Diana Smith for photos.

Kaetyn Wyard and Grace Kim reviewed fellow teams National History Day AZ entry on Saturday, May 6. Benefits of Day at the Museum are many: getting feedback, making improvements, connecting with other students and teachers.
Kaetyn and Grace are entering a project about the Gold Rush when they compete in the National History Day competition next month at University of Maryland in Baltimore. Students at Northland Preparatory Academy in Flagstaff, their teacher is Mrs. Shafer.

 The National History Day National Contest is the culmination of the annual competition cycle and a celebration of student scholarship. After spending months on project research and preparation, and successfully competing at local and affiliate contests, student scholars are invited to share their work at the National Contest.

Each year nearly 3,000 students with their families and teachers gather at the University of Maryland, College Park for the week-long National Contest. They come from all fifty United States, the District of Columbia, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, Department of Defense Schools in the Atlantic, and international schools in China, Korea, and elsewhere (NHD International). The excitement can be felt across the campus.