Saturday, June 13, 2015

League supports National History Day

Nancy York and Madison Barkley show NHD T-shirts
A very worthwhile project, National History Day is growing in Arizona thanks to AHS involvement.  The Historical League donates funds to this program so the Education Director Nancy York gave us an update. This year 53 students qualified to go to Wash. D.C. Our participation is limited by the National Association to Primary and Secondary Place Winners. It costs $150/student registration fee + $1200/student for room/board/airfare so any funds are greatly appreciated.

Approximately 450 people attended the Award Ceremony at ASU Memorial Hall (it took up the entire 2nd floor) to announce the winners.

Madison Barkley shows students
T-shirt prototype
On May 2-3 over 30 students attended an "overnight at the museum" to create a bonding experience. They got to know and support one another as they will be spending lots of time together at our nation's capital. Team Arizona Luggage tags, T-shirts for students and teachers, sunglasses and projects are all part of the team building.

The June 14-18 contest in Wash. D.C. will be on the History Channel for those who want to watch the excitement.  more info at