Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chocolate Lover's Delight Pie pg 152

My mouth is watering. Look at this rich, sinful, luscious pie. Two ladies made the same pie for the League meeting Monday and every morsel was gone. Nancy Evans is holding her creation with the beautiful topping of chocolate curls. Tobe Daum learned quickly that this pie cannot survive the drive to the museum in the 100 degrees. Hers went right into the freezer to "firm up". Nancy transported hers in an insulated container. Tobe also made these Sour Cream Muffins pg 41. By the time I got in line for the buffet, they were all gone so guess I have to make them myself.
The guest speakers, George and Donna Hartz, were very informative about their book, "The Phoenix Areas Parks and Preserves." George also serves on the Museum Board. Kay Holcombe and I tried to buy the book at the Museum gift shop but they were sold out so I will go online to purchase it...a "must" read. The League presented the Hartz's with a copy of "Tastes & Treasures."