Wednesday, April 19, 2023

National History Day AZ State Competition at ASU

Volunteering for NHDAZ state competition was fun and inspiring. The League is proud to support National History Day AZ students and teachers with funding as well as volunteering. 158 excited students competed!

Presentation for NHDAZ were educational, well researched and varied. Kudos to all the students participating in State Competition. Dr. Kristen Rex is a driving force for National History Day AZ.

Chris Hackett, Claire Nullmeyer and AHS Kaydia Forgia at registration

The Babbitt Family Award was presented at NHDAZ by Ollie Babbitt and his daughter, Shari Nelson. Dr. Kristen Rex (VP Education at AHS) was delighted to meet him. A WWII veteran who served in Iwo Jima, he will turn 100 this year!

The audience gave Ollie Babbitt a beautiful standing ovation.

Ollie Babbitt and his daughter, Shari Nelson present Babbitt Family Award

Claire Nullmeyer and Chris Hackett help students register