Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cowboy Caviar Variation

Needing a dish to take for a New Years Eve party led me to Tastes & Treasures cookbook. I have made Cowboy Caviar page 180 many times so decided to embellish it this time. We had red and orange sweet peppers in the refrigerator. We had black olives in the cupboard. Chopping them up fine with my new Farberware knife (birthday present - woo hoo), I added them to the basic recipe.

Shopping for a jalapeno pepper was a real job. The grocery store had several signs for Hot Yellow Peppers, Halopeno Pepper (what kind of spelling is that?), Chile Peppers and some others I never heard of before. But the signs were not on the bins of peppers. So which ones where which? I got a small green one but when I tasted it at home (just a teeny taste) my mouth was on fire. Wow. Only a small amount went into the Cowboy Caviar. Help. I need an expert to orient me to the various peppers and their tastes.