Monday, November 16, 2009

Globe Adventure - Annual Bus Tour

Twenty-eight members and guests made the trip to the Globe area for our annual bus tour. In route, we had juice and muffins while the monthly League business meeting was conducted.

Arriving at the historic train depot, we viewed exhibits and were given a brief talk on the recent restoration of the building, which had been a laundromat for 36 years. Then we boarded the Copper
Spike, the 1951 dome car, for the 25-minute ride to the Apache Gold Casino. One of the ticket agents was kind enough to ride along with us and give an informative talk about the historic route.

With just enough time to lose a couple of dollars at the casino, we continued our trip to the San Carlos Apache Cultural Center. The exhibits in the center were very well
done. The Apache history includes a significant contribution to the building of Roosevelt dam. In their culture, they don’t eat fish, believing that our spirits reside there after death. Our host, Mr. Herb Stevens was most entertaining and he regaled us with stories of his life on and off the reservation. He arranged for a typical ceremonial lunch that included Apache tamales, 2 types of fry bread, a cabbage soup, a pinto bean and roasted corn stew, and wild spinach with bacon. Most impressive was the fact that all the delicious food was cooked outside over hot coals.

After lunch we were privileged to see a basket weaving demonstration, and Mr. Stevens donned his native costume for us. Refreshments were served on the return trip making for a fun social time for all.

As reported by Jeannie Fletcher

Cookbook Presentation at Realty Exec office

Cookbook collectors and history buffs are everywhere including real estate offices. Carolyn Mendoza and I had a warm welcome from Forum office manager David Grado when we told the story of researching and writing the cookbook, the Historical League and the AHS Museum at Papago Park during their monthly meeting. Carolyn passed around samples of Granola pg 196 to whet their appetites. Many bought the cookbook for themselves and for holiday gift giving. By the way, Realty Execs monthly meetings include lunch and we feasted on Chicken Alfredo with Green Chile, Pasta with vodka infused sauce, Penne with meat sauce and rich brownies for dessert. What a treat.