Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wings Over Arizona with Historymaker Ed Beauvais

Aviation history was made in Arizona and recreated March 25 at the AZ Heritage Center at Papago Park. Thanks to the vision of guest speaker and 2017 Historymaker Ed Beauvais, Sky Harbor airport became a major hub for airline travel. Mr Beauvais described the setting in the 1960-70's as he entered the field and the changes that occurred in airplane travel.
Ed Beauvais and Jeannine Moyle

Jeannine Moyle and Anne Lupica

Judy Crable wore Hughes Air West bright yellow
uniform and cape. Only her GoGo boots are missing.
Thanks to Historical League member and flight attendant Jeannine Moyle and her husband pilot Jim Moyle,  the history came alive again. About 200 airline and aviation enthusiasts brought memorabilia and stories to the event and reminisced. Many Historical League members and general public enjoyed the evening as well.

Dancing Chef Jenn Lucien catered the event

Evening Under the Stars at the David Wright House on April 9

Rooftop view of Camelback Mt
We are so grateful to the David Wright House for sponsoring Evening Under the Stars on April 9. Kay Holcombe, Ruth McLeod, Karen Swanson and Margo Johns enjoyed the home as we made more plans for the event.  Frank Lloyd Wright designed this home in 1950 for his son, David, and daughter-in-law Gladys. It is amazing to walk the grounds and go back in time to 1952. But also amazing to see the vision Frank Lloyd Wright had, incorporating nature and the environment into his designs. He called this home "How to Live in the Southwest".  The home continues to inspire future generations of artists and architects.

Margo Johns, Ruth McLeod, Karen Swanson