Monday, October 12, 2009

A Conversation with The Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor Breakfast

On Friday, October 9, eighteen members and two guests of the Historical League attended “A Conversation with The Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor Breakfast” at the Arizona Biltmore. Justice O’Connor was delightful as she told of her experiences as a graduate of Stanford Law School in the early 1950’s. She was third in her graduating class and unable to get a job because she was a woman. One very distinguished lawyer had the nerve to ask her what her typing speed was! She eventually talked her way into her first law position by stating that she would come every day for no pay if they would just try her out. Her desk was placed in the area near the office secretary where she loved her job and eventually worked her way into the firm and into a real office!

When asked how she had learned to deal with difficult times, she replied, “Well, I think I learned that growing up on the Lazy B, where something was always happening and needed attention right now. We just saddled up and went out to take care of it and that is pretty much how I deal with any problems I have had.”

Justice O’Connor told about how her former home came to be reconstructed in Papago Park. She said that the house looks so beautiful there and that everyone is welcome to come to see it and to also visit the wonderful Historical Society Museum that it is built near.

Members attending were Pat Faur, Jeannine Moyle, Susan Dale, Marilyn Parke, Sharron McKinney, Toby Daum, Kassie Walters, Mary Ann O’Neil, Sandy Goodheart, Janie Burke, Mary Parker, Margaret Baker, Barbara Simons, Renee Donnelly, Gail Lucky, Pat Tanner, Peter Welsh and Ruth Ann Hogan. Guests were: Gena Brown, a guest of Gail Lucky, and Gabrielle Shores, the daughter of Toby Daum.

Reported by Ruth Ann Hogan