Tuesday, June 6, 2023

National History Day AZ student Aryasp Nejat website from 2016 is timeless.

NHDAZ is an amazing program and Aryasp Nejat created a beautiful tribute through this website to WWII Lt. Cecil Corley. This is a wonderful presentation and one of the many reasons the Historical League supports National History Day AZ. Thank you for sharing this.

NHDAZ teacher and co-ordinator Stacey Trepanier went with a group of NHD students to Normandy in 2016. She posted these words today from Aryasp Nejat: 79 years ago, they fought for the beaches. He was but one of the many. Sharing Lt. Cecil Corley's story and honoring his sacrifice is my privilege. 62227043.nhd.weebly.com Thank you, NHD, for the privilege and opportunity.

You may remember Aryasp. He is the same student who spoke before the Historical League at the David Wright House "Evening Under the Stars" during the fundraiser for NHD in 2016.