Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cookbook meetings filled with food, fun

Leslie Christiansen and Cathy Shumard
Thanks to Cathy Shumard and Leslie Christiansen for bringing the delicious Key Lime Parfait/Jalapeno Gastrique with Ancho-Barley Graham Crumble from Gertrude's to our latest meeting at Evans Communications. Nothing like starting the day with dessert!
We talked about sponsorship, launch parties, templates, recipes, photographs, levels of support, budget and learned about words like Quark, Grubstake, pixels, digital format. All exciting progress.

Cathy Shumard, Ruth McLeod, Linda Corderman, Leslie Christiansen

Anne Lupica, Emily Chin, Andrea Evans, Leslie Christiansen, Cheyenne Brumlow, Cathy Shumard, Ruth McLeod

Linda Corderman, Anne Lupica, Leslie Christiansen, Cathy Shumard