Monday, February 26, 2018

Fabulous Membership Open House evening at Swaback home

Organizers Susan Dale and Pam den Draak
Vern remarks that Ruth McLeod's colors match the guest house in the background.
Despite the dark skies and wind, the Membership Open House on February 23 turned out to be fabulous. Thanks to Susan Dale and Pam den Draak for creating such a lovely event. With so many Frank Lloyd Wright influences, yet distinctly Vern Swaback's designs, this home has unique details, architecture, views and amenities. Vern and Cille Swaback are excellent hosts.
Note Pinnacle Peak in background

Susan Dale and Linda Corderman work on crockpots of Bison Chile and Corn Chowder. Recipe from The Palace Bar in Prescott
Davie Garrison and Bonnie Newhoff rearrange patio furniture for guests

Wind and cold did not stop Karen Overton, Pam den Draak, Nancy Knight and
Davie Garrison from setting up the tables and cloths. Those heaters were much appreciated!