Saturday, June 16, 2018

More from 3TV video

Chef Leslie Christiansen demonstrated making Watermelon Salad in Tastes & Treasures II with host Lina Deflorias while on 3TV Sunday, May 27. Asking Lina's help to whisk the lime viniagrette dressing, then having her sample the salad made with fresh watermelon, corn, cilantro, red onion. Lina loved it and wanted more!
So many people enjoyed traveling around AZ visiting the historic resorts in Tastes & Treasures that we included a map in Volume II of the book. Leslie showed Lina on 3TV Good Morning AZ how easy it is to find all the restaurants with the map on page 6. Book available at
Lina DeFlorias is relaxed and professional on 3TV Good Morning AZ Weekend. After sharing the history of AZ, food, recipes, people in Tastes & Treasures II, she invited Linda Corderman, Ruth McLeod and Cathy Shumard on stage to join Leslie Christiansen. Then she continue to munch on Watermelon Salad from The Wigwam, exclaiming, "this is delicious!"
Leslie Leslie Carter Christiansen did so much of the work. Cathy Shumard baking and assembled tiny BLT's for the set. Jolene Beard made the initial contact with 3TV. The "support team" hauled in books, props and helped set up, but Linda Corderman and Ruth McLeod enjoyed being invited on camera and recognized too.