Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Chef Ryan Swanson makes Kai experience memorable

With it's preference to cook with historic native foods, Kai became one of the venues in Tastes & Treasures II. Congrats to Chef Ryan Swanson for a great article in Swanson tells us, “This restaurant’s main aim is to educate, and I get to run that kitchen, and I think that’s a huge, huge honor for me. So that’s the best part of my day; I get to come in and plan on trying to make people’s experiences memorable,” Swanson said. “They get to learn something, they get to see something, taste something that they’ve never got to try. Hear a couple stories from the local community; we like to very much tie our local and cultural stories in with our food and tie everything together as a harmonious story and a meal, especially when there’s a travel community that supports that, and we’re here to support and give back in that way as well.” Read the entire interview at